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Students, friends, and colleagues, welcome to our website! We are Simon and Erica Manses and have been teaching students, and professionals, of all ages and levels, for many years now. Erica and I hope you find the information contained in this website to be enlightening and entertaining. Much like life-long learning itself, constructing a website is an enriching, and rewarding experience. You may discover that certain pages are under construction but have faith! We will be adding content continuously to keep our readers and contributors enthusiastic and energized!

Simon L. Manses (M.Ed)

Our History

Having taught, tutored, and mentored, for many decades in various venues and subject areas, for students from Pre-K to post graduate work, as well as working professionals, Simon and Erica have found themselves performing more and more activities on-line. They have decided to establish this website to share information, ideas, and resources, with students, parents, working professionals, administrators, and teachers. They hope this site will help said individuals succeed in learning diverse skills, and profit by on-line collaboration. .


My name is Charles Arana, I’m a physician from Ecuador and I had the privilege to learn English with Mr. Simon Manses. Studying with him was a unique experience. His charisma and pedagogical methods created a fun and amiable environment in the classroom that made a positive change in my learning adventure. Self-confidence and the desire to improve as a result of his guidance, are the outcomes I will always be grateful for.

Charles- Physician Ecuador