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The Suzuki method makes it fun for young children to learn an instrument naturally, the same way they learn to speak. Students have a shared repertoire and learn through listening, imitation, and games.  Parents will have ongoing support and tools to make it a successful experience for the whole family.

Recital Kids

Suzuki in Action

This student just learned "Mary Had a Little Lamb" with both hands!

"Mary had a Little Lamb" is one of the first repertoire pieces that introduces right and left hand independence. Hands-alone are generally learned within the first few months. This 4-year old student is mastering hands-together after just two months! Of course all students learn at different paces.

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This 7 year old is learning “UP and Down The Hill”

The Suzuki method focuses on technic. This exercise is basically a 5 finger scale, which students eventually learn in different keys. Students are more successful when they can incorporate fun technical exercises into their daily routine.

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“Beethoven Bear” helping a new student navigate the keyboard.

The Suzuki method uses fun and games to build the excitement of the youngest of students.

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Young children find joy in discovering they can play an instrument.

The Suzuki method is perfect for the youngest budding musicians as they learn to play a beautiful repertoire of folk music.

Welcome To Manses Classes

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Simon and Erica have decades of experience teaching students of all ages in a variety of subjects.

We teach Suzuki Piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo, and mandolin, English as a Second Language, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French, as well as offering Theatrical Dialogue Coaching and Presentation Skills. We offer face to face classes in Jacksonville, and web learning in the convenience of your home or workplace.

Web Learning

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For a number of years, Simon and Erica have used internet techniques to teach beginner and advanced classes.

For more information, contact us.